Deltox Marsh

Deltox Marsh in Winnebago County, Wisconsin is a relatively small shallow marsh, wetland restoration/enhancement.  This wetland was formally owned by the Deltox Grass Mat Company of Oshkosh.  The company manufactured grass rugs for export all around the United States.  The mats were particularly popular in the southern states where they were said to be cooler than wool rugs.  The company harvested strong sedges, when it was a sedge meadow, for weaving into rugs.  The business was a good in the early twentieth century, and the company owned or leased marshes in Wisconsin and Minnesota and at one time was the biggest employer in Oshkosh.  Eventually, cheaper materials shut the marshes and the company down.

Today the marsh is flooded for ducks and probably has a more diverse plant and animal community than it did when it was a working marsh.  Visitors can walk the levees, but no trails are managed on the property.

Video taken from a DJI Phantom 2 drone with GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition camera.

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