Nodding Beggarticks Bidens cernua

Plant Family: Asteraceae

Wetland Indicator Status: OBL

Nodding Beggarticks
Nodding Beggarticks (Bidens cernua) is a wildflower the colonizes disturbed sites of lakeshores and wetlands.

As the lake shores and wetlands dry out in the summer or drought sets in annual plants begin to grow out of the sand and mud.  Many Bidens spp. begin to show among the other annual flowers and grasses.  The Nodding Beggar-Ticks  (Bidens cernua) is an attractive flower, and a welcome addition to exposed mudflats.  Well, it is welcome until it is done flowering and the seeds mature and get caught on shoes and socks.

Nodding Beggar-Ticks Habitat
Nodding Beggar-Ticks on dry shoreline