Creeping Spikerush Eleocharis palustris

Plant Family: Sedge, Cyperaceae

Creeping Spikerush (Eleocahris palustris) is a short grass-like plant of lakeshores and a variety of wetlands. Spikerushes have a single stem with a terminal flower spike and no leaves.  The seeds make good wildlife food, and the dense stems proved great cover for young fish while they are flooded in spring.

Bed of Creeping Spikerush
Center: A carpet of Creeping Spikerush on the exposed lake bed of Lake Puckaway. Left River Bulrush and Hardstem Bulrush, Center Creeping Spikerush,  Right American Lotus
Creeping Spikerush Planting
A planted Creepoing Spikerush on Lake Puckaway is growing nicely. For comparison, the same sized pot that it came in was placed next to it.