Blue Vervain (Verbena hastata)

Blue Vervain, Verbena hastata
Blue Vervain (Verbena hastata), in a sedge meadow.

Other Names: Common Vervain and Wild Hyssop

Plant Family: Vervain, Verbenaceae

Wetland Indicator Status: FACW

Blue Vervain (Verbena hastata) is another one of those wetland plants that makes a nice addition to a shoreland restoration, rain garden, or other wet spots on your property.  The stems rise out of the snow as if in defiance of winter and a reminder that summer will come again. Blue Vervain is a common wetland plant, and once saw a wet meadow with so much Blue Vervain in bloom that the wetland appeared blue from a distance. Blue Vervain can be purchased in extract and dried form to “promote overall health and wellness” and boost the immune system, but it makes me feel better to see it growing wild in a marsh.

Blue Vervain and Bumble Bee
Blue Vervain, is often found in Wet Prairie but is also found in many other plant communities