Andrew Sabai:  About Me 

I am an aquatic and wetland biologist at, and owner of, Lake and Wetland Ecosystems LLC, a consulting firm providing services to lake groups, government agencies and individuals.  Services include: lake and wetland planning, vegetation surveys, mapping, and water quality monitoring.  Previously I have worked for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources identifying and surveying Critical Habitat in Wisconsin lakes.  Currently I am finishing up my MS degree at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.  My thesis work is on understanding the effects of invasive cattail species on native wetlands to facilitate better management.  To this end, I am also working on projects that begin implementation of management of these cattails.  Another major project I have been working on for the last three years is implementing the lake management plan for the Lake Puckaway Protection and Rehabilitation District.

About the website

Lakeandwetlandecosytems.com is a place to find information about aquatic habitats in the Upper Midwest.  However, many wetland habitats are similar throughout the world, and indeed many of the species found in my area also occur in Europe and Asia as well as the United States and Canada.  There are many pages with some of the showier or ecologically significant plant species found in lakes and wetlands.  The nature blog is a source for information on wetland topics, some of the projects I am working on, and personal experiences.  Coming soon will be pages devoted to the Upper Fox and Wolf Rivers, and the Lake Winnebago System Lakes in East Central Wisconsin.  This is my “backyard” and much of my professional work occurs here.  My goal is to have a dynamic website where I am continually adding new pages, and updating older ones with new photos, information and videos as they become available.  I hope you enjoy your visit to this site.  Come back often, and leave comments or ask questions.

Thank you.

Tilted Bass Wood - May